COOK UP introduces a new cooking bouillon.

Small tips for cooking bouillons

When cooking we try to keep our meat soft, correct? We can only succeed in that if we sauté the meat and let it baste, keeping its liquids. But in this way the sauce will never be tasty. So, we add the cooking bouillons in the sauce and we give it some taste by creating a savory result. Now, our meat is soft and delicious!

We use cooking bouillons in soups, stews, hotpots, sauces, risottos, legumes, etc. and we enhance the taste result.

The product is easily dissolved in hot water. Cook Up bouillons are a unique combination of taste, quality and affordable price.

You can find three (3) variants: chicken, beef and vegetable bouillons.

If you like to cook really simple, or you prefer experimenting in cooking, taste the new COOK UP bouillons and see the difference !

Would you like to have a really clear view on the taste and quality of our new COOK UP bouillons ? Select the variant you like (chicken, beef or vegetable) and make a simple soup by adding two cubes in 1lt hot water. Just taste it, without adding anything else and send us your opinion. We will be glad to hear it (

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