A brand that represents the notion of homemade and develops by being unpretentious is here…


IN CASA means Homemade

…. fresh ingredients are simply mixed together getting inspiration from traditional recipes of the world thus creating a great taste result which almost reaches perfection.

IN CASA introduces a line of pasta sauces that seem homemade having a great taste that gives life to your pasta. Buy them at a very competitive and affordable price. You can select from five delicious variants: tomato & basil, tomato with olives, tomato with roasted peppers and vegetable in packaging of 340g plus pesto with basil in packaging of 190g.




Try them and let their taste capture your senses.

THinK trade group ltd., is in retail with ECONOMY supermarkets, in wholesale and in branding. The products are created having as a rule of thumb quality, competitive prices and the consistency towards today’s well-informed consumers that seek the best for themselves. For more information: info@thk-intradegroup.gr.